Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wild Silk

One night during an especially bad period of insomnia I was trolling on Etsy looking for things to help me relax and make me smile. I came across this "wild silk" piece sold by the Delhi Store. I immediately knew I had to have it and it had to become something fabulous. We had plans to attend our friend's daughter's wedding mid-August, and I thought it might make the perfect wedding guest dress. But she only had two yards available. I ordered the fabric and then went searching for the perfect pattern.

In case you are wondering what wild silk is, here is the description from the website:"Wild silk is harvested only after the cocoons are left by moths. so they are not killed in order to obtain the silk thread but the thread is cut in the process hence giving the fabric a charming unevenness in texture and color."

I knew I wanted a sleeveless dress because the wedding was in Boulder City, Nevada, where August temperatures can soar to well passed 100'F. I decided to make Vogue 9050. I never make a muslin, but in this case I did because there was no way I was going to ruin that fabric. I sketched the dress on My Body Model Croquis and liked the look of it on my body.
I am so glad I made a muslin.  I cut a size 12 through the bust and graded to a 16 through the hips. The adjustments I made to the pattern were small but gave me the fit I was looking for. I cut the neckline 1.5" lower and opened the slit in the front to make more of a modified V-neck. I shortened the waist length because I am very short waisted and also did a slight sway back adjustment to take out some of the fullness in the back waist length. The hips were super curvy to I straightened the side seams a bit to take out some fullness.
I knew I wanted a wrap because even though it was going to be super hot, the air conditioning can be cold if it blows on you. I was so lucky to find this piece of silk Georgette at my local fabric store. They only had 1-1/4 yard and it had a tiny rip in it, but I was able to use a little creativity and seal up the rip and concealed it by wearing the shawl folded on the diagonal.I also found a perfect button to use as a centerpiece on the dress.

And, Voila! Here I am in the baking was 108" when the church service began at 2 pm. But, how perfect is this setting amongst the cacti, to take the final photo.

I lined the dress with a polyester/spandex blend that really was a dream to sew with and was very comfortable to wear. I had enough of the fabric to make my first Ogden Cami, which should appear in another blog post soon.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Meet Peggy

My dear friend and neighbor of 32 years had a special birthday this month. We don't usually exchange gifts but since this is a milestone birthday for her I wanted to make her something special. 
I started by creating a purse for her using cork and a print from my Outback Wife stash. I made The Hampton Handbag by UpStyle Designs. This is my third time making a version of this pattern. It's always a pleasure to create using a well drafted pattern with clear and correct instructions.

My only complaint of the bag is that it is really small, but it is a good bag to use for special occasion when you don't have to carry everything but the kitchen sink in it!

I tested the Hidden Aganda Quilt by Angela Pingel earlier this summer and decided to gift the finished quilt to Peggy, too. I combined two favorite fabric Outback Wife and a lot of my Anna Maria Horner collections; added in some solids and ended up with a very dramatic quilt. 
I must admit, at first, that it just was not pleasing to my eye. But after working with it and quilting it I ended up loving the final outcome.
The drape is so nice on this quilt because the Outback Wife fabric is bark cloth. It is a heavier weight and gives a beautiful texture to the quilt.

Keeping it all in the family, I backed the quilt with another Anna Maria Horner print and quilted it with an easy meander stitch. I am still having issues with my new Juki machine. The thread must have broken 50 times when I was quilting this piece, causing the machine to need to be rethreaded EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! UGH, Can you hear my frustration? No one seems to know how to help me with this problem.

This asterick print by Lizzie House is the perfect shade of plum, which tied in all the pinks and blues in just the right way.

The finished quilt after laundering measures 53" x 67".

Peggy seems quite happy with her gifts and even wore her purse to church the next day.

Happy Birthday, Peggy!
We Love You!